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EJY IMPORT Heavyweight Clear Plastic Cutlery

EJY IMPORT Heavyweight Clear Plastic Cutlery

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Introducing the EJY IMPORT Heavyweight Clear Plastic Teaspoons/Forks/Knives, a reliable and convenient cutlery solution for your food service needs. Each case contains 1000 pieces of these high-quality utensils, ensuring you have an abundant supply to cater to large gatherings, events, or daily use in your restaurant, cafeteria, or home.

These utensils are made from heavyweight clear plastic, providing durability and strength while offering the appearance of real cutlery. The clear design adds a touch of elegance to your table setting and allows for easy coordination with any dining theme or decor.

The set includes teaspoons, forks, and knives, giving you a complete package of essential utensils. The teaspoons are perfect for stirring beverages or enjoying desserts, while the forks and knives provide reliable functionality for enjoying a wide range of meals.

EJY IMPORT understands the importance of quality and customer satisfaction. These Heavyweight Clear Plastic Utensils are crafted with precision to ensure they are sturdy and reliable. They are designed to withstand the demands of various food types and provide a pleasant dining experience for your guests.

These utensils are ideal for both casual and formal occasions, as well as for takeout or catering services. They offer the convenience of disposable cutlery without compromising on quality. Cleanup becomes effortless, saving you time and effort.

Choose the EJY IMPORT Heavyweight Clear Plastic Teaspoons/Forks/Knives for a practical and versatile cutlery solution. With 1000 pieces per case, you'll have an abundant supply to cater to your needs. Elevate your dining experience with these reliable and stylish utensils, providing convenience and functionality for any occasion.

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